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A third Best Man movie coming in 2016

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The Best Man Holiday defied expectations last year by creating a franchise 14 years after the release of the original movie, 1999’s The Best Man. Capitalizing on a generation’s nostalgia for the lighthearted original’s rom-com leanings and banging soundtrack, last year’s film reunited all nine principal members of the ensemble for a new story that explained what happened to Taye Diggs’ Harper and company after that narratively tidy, egregiously corny Electric Slide. The sequel performed pretty well—despite sharing an opening weekend with the Thor sequel—and the ensuing media coverage kickstarted a discussion about what qualifies as a “race-themed” film. That conversation promises to continue, since Holiday’s good showing has given writer/director Malcolm D. Lee the showbiz capital he needs to make his planned third film a greenlit reality. The new film, The Best Man Wedding, is slated for release April 15, 2016.


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