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A Texas band brought a song from a Spider-Man comic to life

It’s fitting that a song featured in a comic book about jumping between dimensions has now leapt from the pages and into real life. “Spider-Verse” is an event in Marvel’s Spider-Man comics that involves Spider-Men (Spider-Mans?) from alternate realities banding together to stop a villain the friendly neighborhood wall crawler couldn’t defeat on his own. In one of the tie-ins, Edge Of Spider-Verse no. 2, readers were introduced to a dimension where Gwen Stacy had been bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Woman (bullied Peter Parker instead becomes the Lizard). Apparently with great power also comes great rhythm and the need to rock, as this dimension’s Gwen is the drummer of a band called The Mary Janes with other female Spider-Man supporting characters Mary Jane Watson, Betty Brant, and Glory Grant. That issue depicts the punk group rocking out to their song, “Face It Tiger” — a play on Mary Jane’s first full appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man. You can see the page in full below:


And now a band from Waco, Texas called Married With Sea Monsters has released a version of the song to accompany further reading of Spider-Woman’s adventures. With a catchy chorus and appropriate garage rock sound, Married With Sea Monsters’ song perfectly encapsulates the propulsive fun that comes through in Robbi Rodriguez’s art. Listen below while imagining what other superheroes could benefit from a Riot Grrrl infused theme song. [via ComicsAlliance]

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