Mackenzie Davis stars in Halt And Catch Fire (Photo: Erika Doss/AMC)

With the season premiere of AMC’s Halt And Catch Fire now just days away, we’ll soon learn whether that futures bet will pay off for the splintered team of Joe (Lee Pace), Cameron (Mackenzie Davis), Gordon (Scoot McNairy), and Donna (Kerry Bishé). The fourth season will center on the advent of the internet, and the role everyone plays in that technological innovation. Some reunions are bound to be tenser than others—expect fireworks from Donna and Mackenzie’s first gathering this season. But first, Gordon and Cameron try to clear the air at a mixer in this exclusive clip.


Gordon seems a bit put out as he points out that Cameron has basically been ignoring his emails. She deflects his guilt trip, but still pauses when talking about Joe, which suggests that their fitful relationship won’t be any less complicated even with the birth of the internet now seemingly just around the corner.

Watch Mosaic and the final season of Halt And Catch Fire fall into place in the two-hour premiere on August 19.