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A teaser trailer for The Punisher has surfaced

Screenshot: Netflix

Okay, let’s do this quick, because who knows how long we have before Marvel gets this thing scrubbed from the face of the earth: It appears someone has leaked a trailer for the upcoming Netflix series The Punisher. Twitter user @AgentedeMARVEL has posted what looks like a minute-long teaser for the Marvel vigilante show, featuring Jon Bernthal’s gravel-and-whiskey voiceover, his revenge-obsessed character doing some impromptu hammering, and a few fleeting shots of violent things taking place. Not exactly shocking, considering violent things will probably be the standard background shot of every other scene for the series. Netflix has yet to announce a release date (rumor has it November 14 is looking likely), so let’s all enjoy a few seconds with everybody’s favorite homicidal gunslinger before it vanishes, much like the Punisher himself, back into the shadows.


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