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A tale of two sandwiches

The simple culinary ideal of the sandwich brings us a visual demonstration of form vs. content via two new videos that take two very different approaches to the art of combining bread and meat. On the “content” side we have the men of Epic Meal Time, a YouTube channel that basically repurposes This Is Why You’re Fat into shouty videos. Their creation, “The Double Kill” takes the infamous KFC Double Down (which they call “an overrated little bitch”) to the nth degree, a 5,200-calorie, foot-tall monstrosity that they drunkenly consume. This is YouTube stunting at its most basic: Loud, overblown, and funny in that base way that Jackass is funny:

Over on the “form” side of the spectrum we have Sean Christensen’s “The Sandwich Movie,” which spins a lovely animated short film out of the tale of a very simple turkey-and-mayo creation. The animated-first-person-story approach isn’t new—see StoryCorps for many more wonderful examples—but the hand-drawn, collage-style animation lends a nice personal touch to a family anecdote… and it looks pretty nifty, too:


The Sandwich Movie from Sean Christensen on Vimeo.

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