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A supercut of people in movies giving the middle finger is surprisingly satisfying

There’s something about flipping a well-deserving asshole the bird that always feels good. Maybe it’s the rapid flicking motion that comes from whipping that middle finger from a thumb holster, propelling it forward, that makes it such a pleasure. Or perhaps there’s some deeply ingrained and instinctual joy derived from centuries of usage. (It’s true: the middle digit has connoted offensiveness for more than two millennia.) Whatever the cause, it provokes a sense of gratification and justice nearly every time, even if—as is so often the case on, say, the freeway—the bird-flipping party is totally in the wrong.

But who knew watching other people give the middle finger salute was such a satisfying experience? The good people at YouTube channel supercutonline, that’s who. They’ve created a supercut of 161 movies that feature someone flipping the bird. Well, not always someone: some of these hands belong to robots, or in the case of Evil Dead 2, the appendage has been severed from its host. Nonetheless, watching them one after the other give the visual equivalent of “fuck you” provokes contentment from somewhere deep within. So sit back, relax, enjoy the strains of the video’s “Surfin’ Bird” accompaniment, and let your frustrations temporarily ebb away with this outlet.

[Via TheFlama]


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