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Following Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s fully-loaded rendition of “Shallow” at the Oscars (which also handed Gaga a statue for Best Original Song), the powers that be have decided to re-release A Star Is Born in theaters with 12 whole minutes of new footage. As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is putting A Star Is Born back out into the world–or 1,150 theaters, at least–for one week, beginning this Friday, March 1. But what does this new, previously unreleased footage give us that we didn’t get out of the first go-round?


You could do a lot with 12 minutes, like explore the life of Gaga’s Ally–who isn’t much of an actual person and seemingly only exists because/when Jackson is around. In those 12 glorious minutes, we might even learn Ally’s real last name, which is never once mentioned in the original theatrical version. Instead, when she finally gets a surname in the final moments of the film, she’s introduced as “Ally Maine”–Jackson’s last name, not her own. Maybe, just maybe, those 12 minutes are an extended sequence set in the drag club where Jackson “discovers” Ally, and we’ll be blessed with even more Shangela. Or perhaps it’s a montage of Jackson peeing himself at various awards shows. We can only dream.

But let’s be real: It’s probably just 12 more minutes of Gaga and B. Coops making eyes at each other over a piano–footage that will eventually be used against Cooper in divorce court.

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