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Last week, Lady Gaga took a chance to make some headlines by denouncing Mike Pence as the “worst representation of what it means to be a Christian” in the middle of a concert, and last night she decided to do another big thing that everybody’s talking about—almost as if she’s spent her career becoming a master of this sort of thing. As reported by Variety, Gaga brought out her A Star Is Born buddy Bradley Cooper, who believed in her when nobody else did, for a surprise rendition of the Academy Award-nominated “Shallow.” Clips of the duet are online, with Cooper putting on his twangy Jackson Maine voice while looking a little out of his depth next to a seasoned performer like Gaga, and Variety says he also took a shy bow at the end of the concert when Gaga introduced her dancers. It doesn’t sound like Cooper rode in on a giant robot, so he didn’t fully embrace the Gaga experience, but having Gaga rope a sheepish Bradley Cooper into a live performance is a fun inversion of the way it works in the movie. Is it possible real life is a sequel to a A Star Is Born? That would explain why they keep remaking the movie.


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