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Tremors 5

Evidently, it’s impossible to keep a cult classic sci-fi/horror franchise down for long, as the seemingly unstoppable Tremors series is coming back for a sixth installment. Series star Michael Gross—who has actually been in all of the movies, unlike Kevin “One-And-Done” Bacon—announced the news himself on Facebook a week ago, but it was just now picked up by the official Tremors page. Gross’ post specifically says that he “can’t divulge too many secrets,” but we do know that Tremors 6 will be directed by Tremors 5’s Don Michael Paul and it’ll feature Jamie Kennedy reprising his role as Travis Welker, the long-lost son of Gross’ Burt Gummer.


In other Tremors-related news, Screen Rant is reporting that Gross won’t be involved in the new Tremors TV show that Kevin Bacon was reportedly working on last year. Gross says he hasn’t heard anything about this new series, so he simply assumes he won’t have a part in it. Thankfully, he’ll still be able to kill all of the Graboids he wants in Tremors 6.

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