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A short film detailing how to turn yourself into a Juggalo, should you feel so inclined

Screenshot: Super Deluxe

What is a Juggalo? Why, they’re the sloppy, loyal followers of the Insane Clown Posse. What does it take to become one? Well, that answer’s a bit more complicated.

Yeah, there’s a particular aesthetic to the Juggalo—the face paint, the baggy jerseys, the Faygo bottles—but even more important is the spirit of it all, the rituals and ideologies. It would be wise, then, for anyone seeking membership in the Dark Carnival to view this new video from Super Deluxe: “27 Steps to Becoming a Juggalo” is exactly what it says it is, effortlessly merging the visual touchstones with the behavioral ones.

In this makeover of an aspiring Juggalo, the video highlights a number of essential steps, such as to “outline nose in evil” and, after the makeup application, “recognize that your face now represents the classic dichotomy of good and evil.” It doesn’t just stop with the makeup and hair dye, either; we follow this Juggalo out into the wild where she properly shows you how to chant “family!” and douse yourself in Faygo.


Now you’re ready for your first gathering, or if you’re especially attuned to the cause, the Juggalos’ forthcoming march on Washington.

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