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A "shit-tornado" of GOP victim-blaming has Sam Bee going the full Carrie on Brett Kavanaugh

Samantha Bee
Screenshot: Full Frontal

A week filled with Republican lawmakers digging in to defend increasingly embattled Supreme Court nominee and numerously alleged sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh had Full Frontal host Samantha Bee seeing red. Or rather red, and yellow, some orange, and perhaps a little of that rage-blue right at the center, as Bee intermittently interrupted her segment on the fact that a credibly accused sex creep is verging on joining the highest court in the land to start  “Carrie-ing” her set.

Lindsay Graham (R-SC) “firing up the old slut-shaming machine” by asking why Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick associated with guys with a reputation for gang-raping intoxicated women caused Bee to ignite while asking, “Why did your friends at Fox keep showing up for work while Roger Ailes was hamburger-dicking everyone?” Donald Trump mocking Deborah Ramirez’s account of Yale classmate Kavanaugh whipping his dick out? Get the extinguishers, as this latest example of “the sexual-assaulter-in-chief doing some classic victim-blaming” was just the heap of greasy rags to kindle another hate-blaze. And “most rage-inducing,” according to Bee, was the “soft-lit, gentle, triggering-as-fuck interview” Kavanaugh did with state propaganda organ Fox News, in which the now four-times accused sexual abuser gaslit American women while downplaying the sort of drunken dudebro pre-judgeship life that saw him yearbook-shaming a female classmate and belonging to things called “the 100 kegs or bust club” and “tit and clit” (no doubt a Bible-study group) in order to, as Bee put it, “act like [he] went to high school in an episode of Veggie Tales.”

Bee went on (after using her fury-flame to helpfully light a crew member’s cigarette), to note that the Republicans actually moved to accelerate a vote on Kavanaugh’s elevation to the most important judgeship in the country after finding out that their boy is facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. It’s enough to make a late-night host explode in a white-hot wrath-vortex (you know, especially since there’s already one renowned sexual harasser on the Court), although Bee tempered her need to burn down her studio by reminding the GOP that their misogynistic shitshow has inspired an unprecedented number of women to run for office. “And all the things you’re afraid we’re gonna do when we get in office, we are going to do,” promised Bee,Including filling the Capitol Building with tampons and flowers, and putting all your rapist friend in jail.” Burn.


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