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A self-driving car turns into a murder machine in this Wham City/Audible exclusive

There are myriad dystopian possibilities when it comes to self-driving cars: Just today, The Washington Post published the results of a survey that asked 2 million people around the world who a self-driving car should kill given the choice between, say, an elderly woman and a cat crossing an intersection, a 21st-century variation on “the trolley problem” made famous on The Good Place. (People overwhelmingly voted to run over the cat, if you’re wondering.)

That’s just the beginning of the dilemma faced by Jay, a “starving artist” who gets a job at self-driving car rideshare company Awooga in Wham City Collective’s new, darkly comedic audio horror series, Reverse Transmission. We’re exclusively debuting the first chapter of this eight-part audio series, which debuts today on Audible, below. In the series, directed by Wham City’s Ben O’Brien, Jay’s car turns into a sort of homicidal KITT, running over a pedestrian and manipulating the hapless Jay into getting rid of the body. But who’s really driving the car?


Longtime A.V. Club readers and Adult Swim fans may remember Wham City from its late-night “infomercials” Unedited Footage Of A Bear and Live Forever As You Are Now, as well as its absurdist psychological horror short This House Has People In It. Reverse Transmission is very much in the spirit of that latter video, and you can listen to the entire two-and-a-half hour audio mystery by following this link.


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