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Illustration for article titled A iSeinfeld/i Twitter parody account made the best Arcade Fire video of the year

Seinfeld2000 is one of a few satirical Twitter accounts reimagining Seinfeld as a sitcom still airing on NBC—and it’s somewhat of an elaborate parody of the SeinfeldToday account that spouts loglines for fictional current episodes. But though it tweets out gems about its Through The Looking Glass version of the Seinfeld characters, the account’s greatest achievement isn’t a pithy remark. Rather, it's a new music video cutting together the entire arc of George Costanza’s long and tragic engagement to Susan Ross and Arcade Fire’s “Here Comes The Night Time.” The video tracks the whole sad affair in incredibly bizarre fashion, subtitled with the account’s interpretation of the dialogue, depicting “Garge” and his failed attempts to end an engagement he doesn’t want. It’s a mystifying and yet hypnotizing pairing of Seinfeld and Arcade Fire that works surprisingly well. And considering all the weird things the band has done with Reflektor so far this year, this unofficial music video fits right into the aesthetic.


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