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Just three days after her “Teenage Dream” co-star Josh Kloss came forward with accusations of sexual assault, another person has surfaced with her own story of misconduct at the hands of Katy Perry. This time, a TV presenter and producer in the country of Georgia is claiming that the pop star harassed her at an industry party. Tina Kandelaki alleges that Perry was heavily intoxicated when she touched her inappropriately and attempted to kiss her. After openly rejecting her advances, Kandelaki claims that Perry was persistent and continued to behave inappropriately before eventually moving on. There are no further details as to when this encounter could have taken place.


Kandelaki says that she was inspired to come forward after seeing Kloss speak out. Kloss claimed that Perry pulled his pants down during a party in 2010 and exposing him to fellow party-goers. Perry has not publicly addressed either accusation.

[Via Consequence Of Sound]

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