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A second, more French Phantom Of The Opera series is in the works

Horribly deformed basement-dwellers are hot in Hollywood right now* as Deadline reports that a second upcoming Phantom In The Opera TV series is in the works. Like the Marc Cherry project we reported on a couple of weeks ago, this Phantom will update the story, this time from 19th-century Paris to early 20th-century Paris. It will also be “brimming with tortured love affairs, sex, murder and mystery,” as many TV dramas are, whether the Parents Television Council likes it or not.

Our heroine will be a “Josephine Baker-esque headliner” who is stalked by a serial killer, good news for Boardwalk Empire fans in need of a new source of brutal murder set to a period-appropriate ragtime beat. Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is also reportedly attached to the project, good news for viewers who like their brutal murder with a generous dollop of whimsy on top. A third Phantom Of the Opera series, this one set in a distant future, is presumably forthcoming.


*Insert punchline about some celebrity you, the reader, don’t particularly care for here

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