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A Scrubs musical is headed to Broadway

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After seven seasons on NBC and two more on ABC, Scrubs seemed to have run its course. But now, following up on comments he first made back in 2012, series creator Bill Lawrence says he's ready to bring the show back—as a Broadway musical. The Zach Braff-starring sitcom was overflowing with music during its run—from pop songs on the soundtrack, to an a capella group as recurring characters, to a full-blown musical episode—so it lends itself better to the stage than, say, Two And A Half Men.

Lawrence says the stage production will not be a reproduction of any particular episode of the series, musical or otherwise, but rather will draw material from throughout the show's run—in particular, the pilot and first season episode "My Old Lady" (best known, as Lawrence says, as "the episode where Mrs. Landingham from The West Wing dies"). Braff will most likely be involved, but likely in a behind-the-scenes capacity, as Scrubs' leads will be recast with musical theater types. 

No word yet as to who's writing the songs, which may or may not include "Stuck On You (And By 'You' I Mean 'Vending Machine' And By 'On' I Mean 'My Hand In A')". Lawrence has some time, however, as he doesn't expect the curtain to rise until at least 2017.

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