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A Roy Orbison biopic is in the works with the help of his family

(Photo: Getty Images, Evening Standard)

As reported by Deadline, Roy Orbison’s estate is putting together a plan to produce the first officially authorized biopic about the iconic singer, enlisting Stand By Me and Mr. Brooks writers Ray Gideon and Bruce Evans to put together a script. Titled The Big O: Roy Orbison, the film will tackle his early rise to stardom in the ‘50s alongside Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, the tragic death of his wife and two of his sons in the ‘60s, his career resurgence in the ‘80s, and then his untimely death in 1988 at the age of 52. Alex Orbison, one of his sons, says that his father’s story “is a fantastic journey,” and that despite all of the bad stuff he went through, he still had a “positive outlook on life.” He also says The Big O will “mirror a Roy Orbison song” by including both “triumph and tragedy” and by “ending on a high note.” Hopefully Orbison will also break some sinks along the way, as is required for any biopic about a musician these days.

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