Screenshot: Twitter

It can be hard to know what to do with a megalomaniacal, dangerously destructive president who thrives on attention. On the one hand, you want to starve him of attention, because even if it won’t deprive him of power it will at least let you sleep a little easier. On the other hand, he does shit like this, undoing the basic actions of his predecessor to attempt environmental catastrophe because he thinks he can fucking time-travel the coal industry. You sort of have to give someone attention when they’re trying to murder you, albeit over the course of decades.

So perhaps follow @BurnedYourTweet instead of the “real” @RealDonaldTrump. In a rare commingling of both Twitter bot and real-world bot, the account consists of nothing but short videos of a machine printing out Trump’s latest tweet, setting it on fire, and gently dropping it in an ashtray. It’s nice.


As New York points out, many of the 49 accounts that it follows (as of that publication time) are creative agency employees, meaning the whole thing could easily ladder into, like, a viral campaign for a new deodorant or something. A few hours ago, it burned its first non-Trump tweet: one by a software developer with 23 followers, which may point in the direction of the account’s creator.


Still, for now, it’s blissfully pure in its gentle, robotic calm. Print and burn, baby. Print and burn.