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A restaurant in Detroit made a Radiohead-themed tasting menu for Kid A

Inspired, no doubt, by the Beyoncé-themed Valentine’s menu that’s been floating around the net for a few weeks, a chef in Detroit has come up with his own, slightly quirkier, Radiohead-themed tasting menu. The pop-up restaurant is presenting “A Night With Kid A” later this week, with chef Kyle Hanley drawing gustatory inspiration from the band’s 2000 LP. Courses include “Everything In Its Right Place,” a pan-seared diver scallop with yuzu fluid gel; “The National Anthem,” pan-seared lamb chops with crispy pig ear and blood orange reduction; and “In Limbo,” which is described as “shades of bouillabaisse.” While none of the tracks are interpreted literally, the idea of “Motion Picture Soundtrack” being a mousse with blackberry accents oddly seems sort of right.

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