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Here's a reminder that Ken Jeong is a real doctor as well as a TV one

Scene from Dr. Ken, not the Phoenix comedy club where Ken Jeong was performing
Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABC (Getty Images)

Actor-comedian Ken Jeong gave up his real-life medical practice to pursue a stand-up career, which led to film appearances and eventually, his own sitcom, Dr. Ken, in which he played a licensed physician. (Clearly, someone didn’t want all those years in medical school to go to waste.) But while Jeong may no longer have a doctor’s office, fictional or otherwise, he’s still standing by the Hippocratic oath—TMZ reports he recently attended to an ailing audience member at a Phoenix comedy club.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ that during Jeong’s set at Stand Up Live this past Saturday, someone in the audience started seizing. Once he realized the person was sick and not just heckling, Jeong reportedly “hopped off the stage and rushed to the woman’s aid.” The comedian—who co-stars in the upcoming Crazy Rich Asiansand an audience member who also happened to be an EMT stayed with the woman, who regained consciousness shortly before the paramedics arrived. Jeong resumed his set only after the woman was taken to the hospital, at which point the audience applauded his quick actions. Given his retention of his medical training and the new crop of medical dramas, Jeong could probably do another round of TV doctor critiques.


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