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A record number of humans tuned in to Fear The Walking Dead’s premiere

Fear The Walking Dead

Although the series premiere of Fear The Walking Dead got off to something of a slow start revealing this zombie apocalypse everyone’s been talking about, plenty of people seem to be tuning in to AMC’s newest spinoff. The pilot episode pulled in 10.1 million same-day viewers, making it the most-watched series premiere ever for a cable show, and it also beat out the network’s other spinoff darling, Better Call Saul, for the title of top-rated cable premiere at a 4.9 score (or 6.3 million viewers aged 18 to 49) to Saul’s 4.4. The younger, sexier zombie show does have a way to go before catching up to The Walking Dead, whose endless carousel of slaughter picked up as many as 17.3 million same-day viewers last year and doesn’t seem ready to slow down for season six. Just give it a little time to get its wobbly, leg-dragging footing though—it’ll be turning millions more bright eyes lifeless in no time.


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