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A reboot of USA's The 4400 has suddenly and mysteriously appeared at The CW

A big prize to whoever can guess how many people are in this image!
Screenshot: The 4400 (YouTube)

11 years ago, a TV show called The 4400 mysteriously disappeared from the USA Network, leaving behind no evidence for what possibly could’ve happened—other than, you know, declining ratings and all of the other explanations that networks use to justify ending shows. Now, though, The 4400 has miraculously returned at The CW with some strange new abilities, and it must figure out how to navigate a hostile, confused world. Actually, that’s more or less just the premise of The 4400, but The CW has really started developing a reboot of the show.

That comes from Variety, which says the new 4400 comes from Taylor Elmore and Craig Sweeny, both of whom used to work on the Limitless TV show. Sweeny was also a writer and producer on the original 4400, giving this some connection to the old show, but original creators René Echevarria and Scott Peters don’t seem to be involved. As for The CW’s take, it sounds like it will be largely similar to the original series, with 4,400 people who mysteriously disappeared throughout history all suddenly reappearing at once with no memories of what happened, but this one will shift the timeline up a decade or so by having the earliest members of the so-called 4400 coming from 1957 and everybody appearing in 2019.


Meanwhile, The CW still has a show called The 100 that is completely unrelated to The 4400, so here’s to hoping the network decides to air both shows back-to-back on the same day. Granted, that will probably make fans of The 100 even more mad at The CW than they normally are, but even they’d have to admit that it would be pretty funny.

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