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A real guy shows up to ruin another “real people” commercial

Screenshot: Zebra Corner/YouTube

It’s been hard to trust commercials claiming to feature “real people” ever since Applebee’s did one with the dad from Nickelodeon’s My Brother and Me. Car commercials are particularly prone to this type of marketing, often adopting a format where some company man extols a vehicle’s meaningless awards and misleading price as observers nod politely and mutter inane pleasantries. Last week, we shared a few of sketch comedy group Zebra Corner’s skewering of the real people concept, and now Boston loudmouth “Mahk” is back for another round.

In the latest, Mahk wanders into a commercial for the 2017 Chevy Cruze, then goes on to call bullshit on pretty much everything the moderator says. That this is a real commercial that Mahk has been digitially inserted into and not a staged sketch makes it that much funnier, as no one reacts to his relentless antagonism, which only gets funnier throughout. Watch it below.

If you’re a fan, Mahk’s impatience also extends to another bastion of faux reality: the network dating show.


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