Jurassic Park/Westworld

Given that they were both created in the brain of Michael Crichton—an author who never met a piece of technology he couldn’t imagine rising up and crushing that prince of hubris, man—it’s not surprising that Jurassic Park and HBO’s current Westworld bear some elements in common. Still, it can be a little shocking to see all of the similarities between the two projects—the old white visionary; the corrupting power of greed; the unpredictable, unstoppable force of evolution, et al.—laid out succinctly, as in this new video from CollegeHumor.

And while the video is burdened with a fake-portentous voiceover (later undercut for ostensibly comic effect), it works pretty well on the visual side, using a lot of footage from both projects to underscore the places where Westworld cribs most heavily from its dino-themed inspiration. (Really, it just makes us wish that Westworld went all the way with its homage, and included a robotic analogue to Mr. DNA.)


[via Laughing Squid]