In these days of ever more sophisticated and technologically advanced entertainments, it’s only fitting that some people would seek out simpler and less challenging amusements as a respite from the hectic modern world. A humble puddle in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, has risen (so to speak) to that particular challenge. Odd as it may seem, this pool of stagnant, brownish water has emerged as the most exciting new multimedia, multi-platform star of 2016. As reported on The Daily Dot, tens of thousands of people are watching the so-called “Drummond puddle” via the Periscope live-streaming video app. On Twitter, the hashtag #DrummondPuddleWatch has, as of this writing, generated an astonishing 33.5K tweets. Clearly, the puddle is a hit. But why? What is the source of this fascination?

The answer seems to be that this puddle offers both drama and comedy. The famed Drummond puddle is located right next to a footbridge. This, as any astute writer will point out, is a source of potential conflict and tension. Does the pedestrian walk right through the puddle, footwear be damned? Try to walk around the puddle? Retreat and change course completely? Perhaps the pedestrian will pause for a moment before deciding how best to proceed. That is called suspense. A person can be defined, in some way, by how they approach a problem like the Drummond puddle. It is, therefore, more than just a hole in the ground with some water in it, but a Rorschach test of sorts. Or maybe people just want to zone out and watch a puddle for a while. Either way, the Drummond puddle is very much of the moment. Curiosity seekers are advised to seek it out before it evaporates.