The Goldbergs is a sitcom whose lifeblood revolves around familial bonds and ’80s references, so naturally it must at some point acknowledge John Hughes. In an interview with TV Line, creator Adam F. Goldberg said that one of the episodes in the upcoming second season (which he was pretty confident would happen) would feature an homage to the late filmmaker. Goldberg also noted that it wouldn’t be a cheap venture: “We are writing it now. I’m not going to reveal [which film] it is yet. But it’s going to be very difficult to shoot and very expensive. So it’ll be a real nightmare, but hopefully, it’ll turn out great.” While some may automatically assume that “John Hughes homage” automatically implies The Breakfast Club, cooping the cast up in a library wouldn’t be terribly costly or difficult. Goldberg might just throw everyone for a loop and revamp Beethoven.