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A pregnant Amy Schumer joined Dave Attell onstage in Times Square over the weekend

Photo: Jemal Countess (Getty Images)

Going to a comedy set these days carries with it the threat of, say, Louis C.K. “popping in” with some jokes about those dang school shooting survivors, but every now and then a surprise guest arrives that’s not just a surprise, but a pleasant one. That was the case at Dave Attell’s show at Carolines on Broadway this past weekend, when a pregnant Amy Schumer joined the comedian onstage for some welcome banter.

This comes from Page Six, who report that Schumer praised Attell by congratulating him “for surviving the #MeToo movement.” Elsewhere in the pair’s exchange, Attell asked if Schumer and her husband had chosen a name for the baby yet. “Yes, we haven’t told anyone this yet,” she replied. “Do you guys like this...Hitler? It’s my mother’s name.”


In October, Schumer publicly announced her pregnancy in a decidedly novel way. The following month, she was hospitalized for an extreme form of morning sickness. Thankfully, she seems to be faring much better these days. “Yesterday [my] body gave me the gift of pooping,” she posted over the weekend.

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