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A Pacific Rim sequel is now more likely thanks to China

Domestic box office numbers for Guillermo Del Toro’s robots-versus-monsters tentpole Pacific Rim have been disappointing, initially quashing hopes of a sequel and striking another blow against ambitious projects not based on established properties. But on the international circuit, the film has done significantly better, where it just debuted with a record-breaking $9 million Wednesday in China, the highest Warner Bros. opening tally in that country, even topping the Harry Potter films. As a result, a sequel is now far more likely, with Del Toro and co-writer Travis Beacham prepping a pitch. The importance of foreign markets like China has its vocal detractors and defenders, but after the shouting about Communists dictating Hollywood business practices, the end result is that a talented visual filmmaker might get to continue an original story that isn’t based on a video game or a toy.


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