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A Pac-Man marathon devolves into an existential hell in the Relaxer trailer

All I’ve ever dreamed about is living on a couch, playing video games with no one bugging me. Relaxer is the nightmare version of my fantasy.” So says cult filmmaker Joel Potrykus of his latest film, Relaxer, his sweaty, dizzying follow-up to excellent flicks like Buzzard and The Alchemist Cookbook.

The story of a slacker tasked with beating level 256 of Pac-Man without ever leaving his couch, Relaxer reunites Potrykus with Buzzard and Ape star Joshua Burge. The above trailer finds Burge’s Abbie rotting away in a decrepit apartment, a ghastly gang of weirdos orbiting the leather couch to which he’s confined. Stoner monologues unfold and bodily fluids spill in what looks to be another queasy, compelling outing for the prolific indie darling.


David Dastmalchian, Andre Hyland, Amari Cheatom, and Adina Howard co-star in Relaxer, which hits select theaters on March 22.

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