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“A Night At The Roculus” asks how ridiculous you’re willing to look in front of your peers

The Oculus Rift is an incredible and state of the art piece of technology that, thanks to the just released “A Night At The Roculus” can now be used to make your friends look even more absurd. (Note to Oculus Rift developers: Can we stop with the names?) Make no mistake, this game, which is available for a free download at this frankly excellent website, will make you look and feel ridiculous. You will play it with headphones on and shrug and bob your head to Haddaway with virtual approximations of your third and second favorite Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan characters, respectively. You will likely have a boatload of fun. Meanwhile your friends will point and laugh at a grown ass man or woman doing head specific dances in complete silence. We’re going back to Jerry’s place

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