There is a place for everything on Reddit. The front page of the Internet hosts discussions, images, and interactions regarding any topic, from pizza gifting to search-engine-inspired poetry. Not surprisingly, there is a subreddit dedicated to worshipping Nic Cage as the one true god. Aptly named r/OneTrueGod, the sub is riddled with photos and videos of the actor with descriptions likening him to a deity. One redditor, Sirdog33, took his worship to a whole other level by teaming up with a friend to plaster Cage's likeness all over someone's residence. Or, as he put it, "So a friend and I decided to Nick [sic] Cage a house…" No surface was safe, from the toilet to the remote control batteries. The whole Imgur album is here, and as user twisted_memories put it, "Our Lord is pleased. Though he is displeased by the sideways pictures and misspelled name." [via Daily Dot]