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A new XCOM game is invading PCs this year

2K Games and the strategy-game masters at Firaxis have announced a sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, their 2012 reboot of the classic alien-invasion series. XCOM 2, which somehow made it this far in its lifespan without a subtitle, is bringing back all the turn-based alien battling, but this time around, you’ll be playing as an invading human force. The sequel takes place in a world where humanity surrendered to its alien invaders, who then spent the next 20 years gaining our trust and building a futuristic dystopia. What remains of the XCOM initiative, formerly a clandestine international defense force, is now fighting back against the alien overlords and their human allies as a resistance group with the goal of exposing the regime’s dirty deeds and dismantling it for good.

Since you’ll be leading a globe-hopping guerilla army, a focus on stealth is going to be one of XCOM 2’s big changes, along with procedurally generated missions that’ll mix and match from a pool of possible objectives and battlefields. The biggest change, though, is that unlike Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 won’t be heading to consoles—as of now, anyway. 2K Games is aiming to release it in November only on PCs, where its creators are hoping players will create and share their own campaigns, aliens, and soldier classes.


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