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A new Tumblr exposes the inanity and prevalence of action stars in high heels

A still from Charlie's Angels

Much has already been made about the fact that Bryce Dallas Howard’s Jurassic World character, Claire, spends the entire movie waffling around in cream-colored high heels, running through muddy fields with nary an awkward sunken step. But women doing action movie stunts in unrealistic high heels is hardly anything new, as a recently created Tumblr, “Action Heroines In Wildly Inappropriate Shoes,” proves. Though it’s a little sparse due in part to its newness, “Action Heroines” still proves that everyone from Drew Barrymore to Scarlett Johansson has done badass shit in painful footwear though—maybe in some filmmakers’ defense—those heels are usually attached to knee-high boots. Either way, it’s an unrealistic and damaging example to set for young women, even if Howard did allegedly “insist” on those Jurassic World heels.


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