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High school can be a rough time for anyone, especially for an undead monster with an unsatiable bloodlust who just doesn’t quite fit in with the popular crowd. Combining two most teen-heavy genres, horror and high school romcoms, the music video for ”Social Mediasochist” by Common Shiner reveals the awkward teenage years of some of beloved horror icons. Working with Lowcarbcomedy, the Chicago band’s pop punk song comes to life following the romantic pitfalls of young Jason Voorhees as he tries to navigate the difficult social waters of Wes Craven’s Slasher High School. Despite the name, the school isn’t just populated by the slashers of the ‘80s (though they are all present), but also includes appearances from Candyman, Jigsaw (of Saw fame), Samara from The Ring, and Behind The Mask’s Leslie Vernon amongst many others.


Director Zoran Gvojic works in references to Evil Dead II, The Stuff, Flashdance, and many other films represented with props and posters scattered throughout the background. And in the great synthesis of the two genres, Gvojic has a makeover sequence that includes shout outs to the various incarnations of Jason throughout the years. [via Ain’t It Cool News]

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