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A new interactive map seeks to record America’s punniest business names

Bunghole Liquors - Peabody, MA

Every town of a certain size has at least one, and it’s nearly a zone requirement for northern New Jersey: the hair salon with a horrible pun for a name. Cutting Remarks, Curl Up & Dye, Mane Streetthe possibilities are endless. Of course, there are plenty of other proprietorships prone to bad pun names. Landscapers, maid services, and coffee shops are all at risk for having a wince-inducing name.

Now you can help build an interactive map of punny businesses around the country. Atlas Obscura and Digg are teaming up to build a crowdsourced database of those punny names, and they are accepting submissions through September 7. If enough entries come in, the results can include statistical trends and interactive features. So if it really was A Hare To Remember, don’t just forget it; submit your entries here and let’s get a map of bad-and-worse-pun named businesses.


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