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A new Hellraiser movie is filming with Heather Langenkamp (but without Doug Bradley)

“Heather Langenkamp type” Ashley Laurence in the 1987 original

Much like when Eddie Van Halen promptly fired bass player Michael Anthony after reuniting with David Lee Roth, Dimension films is pitting one of the stars of the original A Nightmare On Elm Street against Pinhead in a new Hellraiser movie. It‘s just not the one audiences would like to see.

In an interview with the horror website Scare Tissue, Heather Langenkamp made the surprising announcement that she was appearing in a small part in the new Hellraiser film, adding that she begins filming next week and that “The script is amazing, and that I got the part is something that I find incredible.” It was only a matter of time before Langenkamp made her way to the depths of hell, though—it’s not hard to imagine that the casting call for the 1987 original called for a “Heather Langenkamp type” (i.e., star Ashley Laurence). The former Nancy Thompson will be appearing alongside Pinhead, who, unfortunately, will not be portrayed by Doug Bradley this time around.


Bradley also declined to participate in Dimension’s last Hellraiser outing, Revelations, presumably because of the rushed production. (Revelations was produced in a matter of weeks so Dimension could retain the rights to the Hellraiser franchise.) Now Gary J. Tuncliffe, who wrote Revelations, will be taking over director duties in what appears to be another move to ensure that Dimension remains chained to Hellraiser. A long-rumored remake of the original, involving Bradley and creator Clive Barker, has been in development hell for years at the studio, forcing overwhelming pain and suffering on audiences in the form of lackluster sequels.

The as-yet untitled Hellraiser sequel is currently filming.

[h/t Dread Central]

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