Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods

In order to properly report on this news, we’re going to need about 15 minutes to charge up our powers and let our hair start glowing. While you wait, feel free to keep an eye on our power level so you can periodically yell out what it is, or maybe you could also charge up your powers so we’re both fully charged up when we start reporting on this news. Also, don’t be alarmed if we start screaming really loud. That’s part of the process.

Actually, no. Our power level is probably high enough for this: According to Coming Soon, Japanese anime studio Toei Animation has announced a new follow-up to magical karate cartoon Dragon Ball Z. The series will be titled Dragon Ball Super in Japan—though it might get a new name when it eventually comes to America—and it will premiere over there in July of this year. This will be the first new Dragon Ball show in 18 years, and making this even more exciting for fans of Kamehamehas and Spirit Bombs is the fact that Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama will be overseeing the new series.


Also, for the people who actually understand the weird things we’re talking about here, Dragon Ball Super will officially make Dragon Ball GT—the last attempt at a new entry in this franchise—non-canon. The movies Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods and the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, however, will reportedly tie into this new show.