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A new Dark Knight rises in the first trailer for The CW's Batwoman

Ruby Rose’s Batwoman was introduced in Elseworlds, the most recent “Arrowverse” crossover on The CW, defending a distinctly crap-tastic Gotham City in the absence of a different caped crusader who mysteriously stopped showing up right around the time billionaire Bruce Wayne disappeared. Since then, The CW has given a series order to a full Batwoman spin-off, and now we have a proper trailer for the series as well. Based on the trailer, the series seems to take place before Elseworlds, giving us an origin for Batwoman that appears largely consistent with her modern comic book origin (with the addition of Luke Fox, son of the character Morgan Freeman played in Christoper Nolan’s Batman movies). Rose’s Kate Kane doesn’t have the bright red hair of her comic book counterpart, but having red hair and wearing a red wig has always been a weird part of her Batwoman “disguise.”


Batwoman will air on Sundays on The CW this fall.

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