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A new Chrome extension transforms Donald Trump into your drunk uncle

Donald Trump in The Apprentice

Donald Trump is a lot like your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving. He shows up at the house, even if you didn’t invite him. He’s an self-proclaimed expert on everything, and despite the fact that he’s loud, boorish, and has horrible taste in interior decorating, you’re kind of fond of him. He’s better than your other uncles, like the one who won’t shut up about protecting Christians’ right to be prejudiced, or the one who’s always ducking out to smoke weed. In fact, you’re kind of looking forward to drunk Uncle Don knocking back a few tumblers and getting into a fight with your pant-suited aunt.

Now, thanks to developer Tim Bornholdt, you can now make that association even more direct, with a Chrome browser extension that replaces references to Donald Trump with “drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.” It’s helpful for maintaining perspective when it seems like Trump’s poll surges will make him the inevitable GOP nominee. Hopefully if Bornholdt’s extension is popular, he can write a second iteration that transforms “Dr. Ben Carson” into “Fundamentalist low-talking nutso.” Heck, we’d settle for one that just reliably puts quotation marks around “Dr.”


[h/t Mashable]

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