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A new Beyoncé record might be imminent

Bow down, bitches.

If a leaked document is to be believed (and when are they not?), a new Beyoncé record might be imminent. Over the weekend, a picture that appeared to show the tracklist and sales information for Beyoncé’s new album started circulating on social media. While the list could be totally bogus, it does bear both the logos of Beyoncé’s label, Columbia, and her management company, Parkwood Entertainment, though, again, it’s not like this whole thing couldn’t have been forged. The album, Beyoncé—Volume 2, is allegedly slated to hit iTunes Nov. 14 and features guest contributions from Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna, with one of the tracks, “DONK,” reportedly featuring production from Pharrell Williams.

If the document is to be believed, Volume 2 will also get a physical release later this month, packaged in tandem with Beyoncé, which came out around last Christmas. The four-disc special edition would include 28 different music videos, as well as some concert footage from both the Mrs. Carter World Tour and Beyoncé’s On The Run tour with Jay Z.


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