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It was roughly a year ago that Avicii, the Swedish DJ and producer born Tim Bergling, committed suicide at the age of 28. Now, The New York Times has revealed that a posthumous album is on the way, one that operates not as a tribute or a greatest hits collection, but rather the culmination of Bergling’s own vision. The album, which is being pieced together by several longtime Avicii collaborators and supported by Bergling’s family, is called Tim. It’s due out in June, and its lead single, “S.O.S.,” arrives next week.


The songs on Tim were said to be “75 to 80 percent” done by the time of the artist’s death, and were finished via “detailed notes he left on his phone and computer, some of which were written in his final days.” They’re said to incorporate elements of “psychedelia, Arabian music, sounds of the Caribbean and more.” Johnny Tennander, Avicii’s publisher at Sony/ATV, says the album feels “coherent and personal.”

Accompanying the album’s release is the formation of the Tim Bergling Foundation, which is aimed to support groups involved with mental health and suicide prevention.

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