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A never-ending review of a commercial for Olive Garden’s never-ending pasta

Olive Garden has often said that “When you’re here, you’re family,” but GardenCast is a YouTube series that dissects every other line, action, and strand of never-ending pasta in their ads. In episode four, which dropped last August, the show’s three hosts watch a 15-second commercial that loops 120 times and features five friends as they sit down at the Olive Garden for a post-movie meal.

It’s a surreal journey that goes much deeper into an Olive Garden ad than you ever thought you wanted to go, but the commentators and “Trivia” sections make it well worth the 32 minutes.

The channel ’gr18vidz14kidz’ last released a GardenCast episode two months ago, so it’s reasonable to assume that more could be on the way. In the meantime, the group’s video parody “Jeffpardy” was a viral hit at 1.4 million views last fall and is also well worth a watch.


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