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A nation unites in solemn observance of 90210 Day

Not unlike Brandon Walsh getting sucked into the seedy underworld of dance clubs and U4EA, we’re bowing to peer pressure here and submitting to the numerous tweets and messages suggesting we acknowledge 90210 Day. As Nostradamus once predicted, today’s cosmically significant 9/02/10 will see a variety of celebrations, including a special Beverly Hills party to be hosted by Larry King—who, as you may remember, took Donna Martin’s virginity in a very special episode. The Huffington Post has a rundown of some other 90210-related festivities like a Paley Center-hosted screening of old episodes, and of course, the Facebook group International Beverly Hills 90210 Day has been anticipating this ever since forming last year. Personally, we’re going to celebrate by revisiting the following scene of Brenda catching Dylan kissing Kelly (with a special appearance by Dean Cain). If you put this on a loop, it’s pretty much like watching all of season three.

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