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A mysterious album of unreleased Prince music is coming in September

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images for NCLR)

According to Variety, Warner Bros. and Prince’s estate are set to release a full album of unreleased music in September, with caretaker Troy Carter implying that it will be some kind of cohesive work like a concert or—as Variety theorizes—“thematically linked songs.” Carter doesn’t say much, but he notes that it’s “time-specific,” meaning it’s not just a bunch of cool stuff they found in Prince’s vault, and it’s “one” piece that everyone working on cataloging Prince’s stuff “fell in love with.” That should be fairly exciting for Prince fans, but it’s not like Carter would say “this stuff sucks but we want to make some money,” so it’s hard to really predict how this will go until we know more about it.

Just about a year ago, Prince’s estate sued a producer named Ian Boxill who tried to release an EP of unpublished Prince songs that he had worked on with Prince. There was also a little fight between Warner Bros. and Universal over who would get the rights to Prince’s vault, so it’s clear that everyone thinks there’s going to be a lot of money in this.


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