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A Mrs. Doubtfire musical is in the works

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One of Robin Williams’ most beloved characters may be seeing life once again in all her cross-dressing, self-immolating, run-by-fruiting glory. While promoting his work on ABC’s Galavant, composer Alan Menken revealed that he’s currently working on a musical adaptation of Mrs. Doubtfire, the 1993 comedy that cemented Williams as America’s favorite imaginary fantasy dad. Menken cautioned that the project is still in early days, so it’s too soon to know which poor, doomed stage actor will invite comparisons to Williams’ iconic performance by stepping into Euphegenia Doubtfire’s sensible brown shoes.


Harvey Fierstein, who co-starred in the film as Williams’ makeup-artist brother, will write the show’s book, while decorated Disney and Broadway veteran Menken will compose the score. Mrs. Doubtfire will be Menken and Fierstein’s second collaboration; their first effort to strip-mine your old VHS collection for marketable Broadway hits was 2012’s Tony-winning Newsies. There’s no word yet on what Meknen and Fierstein might adapt after they’re done with Doubtfire, but Broadway speculators might want to keep a sharp eye on Rock-a-Doodle, that old copy of Back To The Future your dad pulled off the TV, or a tape of your 3rd grade talent show.

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