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A movie theater in Ohio accidentally played Insidious instead of Inside Out

By now, word has gotten around that Inside Out, the latest film from Pixar, is a bit of a tearjerker. It’s about a little girl named Riley and the personified emotions that live inside her head, and through the course of the movie, Riley contacts a ghost for some reason and opens a portal into the ghost world that allows evil demons to pass into our world. People get their souls stolen, the demons screw up everyone’s lives, and it’s all very scary. Wait, no, that’s Insidious: Chapter 3, not Inside Out. In our defense, those movie titles are exactly the same, and it’s not like we scarred any small children with this.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Danbarry Cinema in Middletown, Ohio, which recently made the same mistake we did. Apparently, a thrown-under-the-bus projectionist didn’t bother to read more than a few letters into the movie’s name and screened Insidious for a theater of small children. This comes from Ohio’s Journal-News, which doesn’t say how much of the movie was shown before the screams of children and parents alerted the projectionist to the fact that something was amiss, but it doesn’t matter. The damage had already done, and one parent who was in the audience says that her children “are terrified and keep asking questions.”


We don’t know what specific questions these children are asking, but we imagine they’re along the lines of: “Why are the kids in this movie being murdered by ghosts?”, “Why did they open a portal into the ghost world in the first place?”, and—most chillingly—”Wait, they made a third Insidious movie? When did that come out? Is Patrick Wilson in it?”

No, hypothetical children. We’re sorry to destroy your innocence like this, but we don’t think Patrick Wilson is in the third Insidious movie.

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