Genndy Tartakovsky, the guy who created Samurai Jack and has worked heavily on the Clone Wars animated series, must really have a thing for that old Rankin Bass special Mad Monster Party, because he’s making a movie, Hotel Transylvania, due out next year, that pretty much sounds just like it. Even "better," he’s got Adam Sandler voicing Count Dracula for the 3-D animated picture, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The rest of the cast is a veritable who’s who of people Sony thinks will be easy to promote in the trailer, including Kevin James as Frankenstein’s monster, Fran Drescher as “his in-your-face, over-the-top and larger-than-life bride,” and Cee Lo Green as a partying mummy. Andy Samberg has also joined the cast. The film’s about Dracula operating a “five-stake” resort to the monstrous elite, while he simultaneously tries to keep his teenage daughter (and don’t even try to think about that reproduction process) safe from the world of the hu-mans. Naturally enough, a human boy stumbles upon the resort and falls in love with the vampire girl, and there will probably be some Twilight in reverse jokes in there somewhere. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the role of the daughter has yet to be cast. Middling pop stars longing for your Avril-Lavigne-as-an-opossum-in-Over-The-Hedge-esque break! Send in your audition tapes!