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A Man Of Steel sequel is reportedly in “active development”

Man Of Steel

Despite multiple warning signs, enough people still flocked to movie theaters this weekend to see Suicide Squad that the movie broke the August box office record, once again sending Warner Brothers the message that people really want to see critically reviled takes on iconic characters that seem to miss a lot of the stuff that made the characters iconic in the first place. Now, because you people can’t be trusted with your money, The Wrap is reporting that the studio has put a sequel to Man Of Steel back in “active development.” This comes after a rumor last year suggested that the sequel had been put on “permanent hold,” presumably so Warner Bros. could focus on bigger, cinematic universe-building team-up movies like Justice League.

Now, though, it’s clear that people will see whatever superhero movie a hugely expensive marketing campaign tells them to see, so Warner Bros. would have to hate money to turn down the idea of a Man Of Steel sequel. Of course, those who saw Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice may recall that Superman died at the end of that movie, but pretending that his death is going to stick for more than two-thirds of Justice League would be an insult to anyone who has ever read a comic book—or anyone who saw the dirt on Superman’s coffin slowly rising into the air while Batman and Wonder Woman weren’t looking.


Warner Bros. and DC haven’t confirmed that a Man Of Steel sequel is in the works again, but Henry Cavill is expected to reprise his performance as both Superman and unrelated Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.

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