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A man is rendering his children’s drawings into horrifyingly realistic creations

Image: Instagram/Things I Have Drawn

“Adorable” and “nightmare fuel” don’t typically overlap in a Venn diagram, but the Things I Have Drawn Instagram account seems to have achieved the unthinkable. Started by a 6-year-old named Dom (with additional contributions from his brother, Al), the account compiles his personal drawings, which are then recreated by his father via digital wizardry and, one can only assume, a touch of black magic. Several of the posts contain rhyming captions that contribute to the uncanny nature of it all.


Lately, it seems that Instagram is using its powers for the greater good. One of the latest posts was made in collaboration with the World Wide Fund For Nature, which is working with the account to bring children’s pictures to life for Panda Magazine in the Netherlands. This one wasn’t done by Dom or Al, but Cato, a 5-year-old who draws a mean shark.


Regardless of whether these creations delight you or chill your spine, it’s nice to see kids being encouraged to make art.


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