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Madonna in 1987 (Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Barry King)

Madonna is pretty famous, at least as far as iconic music superstars go, but nobody’s ever made an emotional biopic about how she went from a non-famous baby to the woman behind “Borderline.” Now, finally, that might be changing. According to Variety, Universal has picked up the rights to Blonde Ambition, a script written by Elyse Hollander that tracks Madonna’s life in 1980s New York “while navigating fame, romance, and the dismissive attitude of the music industry at the time” around the release of her self-titled debut album.

This is Hollander’s first script sale, but she has previously worked as an assistant for Alejandro González Iñárritu, so maybe Blonde Ambition will have some Birdman-style weirdness or Revenant-style bear attacks. You might say that Madonna was never attacked by a bear, but since there’s never been a biopic about her before, there’s really no way to tell.


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